crackle medium


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Product Description

This natural Crackle creates beautiful consistent cracks with FUSION and other paints.
Composition: Made up of a natural food additive, FUSION Crackle works when layered
between paints.

How to Use:

Anything you put over the Crackle will create small or large cracks, depending on your application.

Brush the Crackle on your painted surface evenly and in one direction, do not
allow for pooling to occur. A thicker application will produce larger cracks, a thinner
application will produce natural fine cracks.

Wait about 5-10 minutes after application, once the Crackle is tacky, apply your paint.
Apply your paint in one even consistent stroke. Do not brush back and forth when applying paint over your Crackle.

You can use a hair dryer on a low setting to speed up the crackle effect and speed up the
drying/curing time.

Tip: Try using a contrasting colour under your Crackle and your top coat colour, to really
have an impact once the crackle is created.

Tip: To enhance the ridges the crackle has created, use a thin application of the FUSION
Metallic paint. You can blend the Metallic Paint with the FUSION Beeswax to have a
thinner less intense look, or if you applied too much, to remove it.


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