Fun with Silhouette Pictures and Painted Frames – Holiday Craft Project

These cute framed silhouettes are easy to make.
A great holiday craft project!
I’ve seen them on Pinterest, but was inspired again after seeing them on Deanne’s blog at Redeemed (Unique Gifts and Homewares)
You will need:
  • a book (if you can find one A5 size, that is perfect), I used an old Dictionary.
  • small frames (5×7 work well)
  • printer
  • digital graphics (you can search for free silhouette images – I get a lot of my images from The Graphics Fairy)
First paint your frames in your colour of choice after removing the back and glass. 
I prefer black to match the silhouettes as they really pop out in the centre of the frame.
Then tear or cut a page from your old book, making sure the edges are not ripped or torn or they may get stuck in the printer.
Print your image on the actual book page. You can test it on a piece of plain paper first (A5 is a half of an A4 sheet).
I use the rear manual feeder for my book paper to make sure it feeds through properly after setting it to the A5 size. Whatever program you use to place your image into, eg. Word or even Photoshop, make sure you use A5 document layout and centre your image to the page.
When you’ve printed the image, place the glass from the frame over the image so you can see that it is centred, and mark around the glass with a pencil. Then cut along the lines. You will want to cut just inside the lines for a better fit.
In the example of the Tea Cup image above, I coloured the flower yellow with a sharpie and here’s why:
The frame I am using for this image used to be yellow. I then painted it black, and distressed the edges allowing the yellow to show through.
Here it is with the frame:

Now, I’ve got one of those weird personalities that do these quirky things every now and then, and when I decided to use this dictionary as the background for my images I couldn’t resist looking up a word that would actually relate to the images I used and using that page for the silhouette.
I KNOW! Like, who’s going to care or even notice, right?
Is that called OCD or something?
Anyway, it was kind of fun.
So the tea cup image is on a page where you’ll see the word “Tea” and its meanings …
The couple below, (if you look real close) have the word “love” which turned up right between their faces – cute!

Horse is on the “horse” page of course …

Bicycle is on the “bicycle” page …

This lady with the huge roasted turkey is on the “turkey” page. I could’ve also done the “Thanksgiving” page. Anyway, you get the idea … get creative with your projects.

Here is a framed bicycle on a burlap (hessian) covered stool I up-cycled from an old TV stand.

I’ll be taking some of these frames with me to the Twilight Makers Market on Saturday at Raby Bay, QLD (4pm-8pm)
Have a lovely holiday and get crafty! Happy painting!

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    Deanne Langford
    December 4, 2013 at 7:35 pm

    they are great, I am now doing some on vintage maps, very cool!

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