Mr. Potato Head’s New Home – Fusion Mineral Paint

I’m loving the different shades of white available in the Fusion Mineral Paint line. Today I tried Lamp White, which I would describe as an off white with blueish grey under tones.potato box 3

The bottles come with safety seals …potato box 4Here’s the colour, but probably hard to tell the difference between whites when the others are not side by side.potato box 5So below are Casement (left) which is their closest to a white white, and Lamp White (right) which I’m using today.01 Casement02 Lamp white








Here are my projects waiting for a makeover: a serving tray from a second hand store,
potato box 6and a veggie box given to me by my sister & her husband who were getting rid of it.potato box 1Did you see what I saw when you looked at the words on the box? As a member of the Grammar Police (no, I’m not really that bad), the apostrophe was bugging me! These boxes were pretty old, and the letters look hand carved, so the person who made them was not familiar with their plurals and possessive rules. So I decided since I’m painting this anyway, I will fill in the apostrophe with wood putty.potato box 8I started with the serving tray and gave all the pieces a once over coat of Fusion Mineral paint – no prep, no sanding, just stick the brush in and slap it on. Nice and neatly of course.potato box 9 And here they are after 2 coats – the veggie box comes apart to sit as two boxes and a lid for the top.potato box 12 There, no more Mr. Apostrophe and I’m feeling much better.potato box 13The serving tray, I am going to leave for now and find a lovely graphic to place in the centre. I won’t be distressing this piece.potato box 16I wanted to give this veggie box a distressed look and will finish it with Antiquing wax for an aged appearance. Here is the lid after distressing with a fine grit sandpaper.

This is best done soonish after your Fusion Mineral Paint has dried. The longer it is allowed to cure, the harder it is to sand off. You can see the little sections that are distressed more, where I was a little rougher with the sandpaper.potato box 18Here is the “Onions” box after distressing AND adding Miss Mustard Seed’s Antiquing Wax to add an aged grungy look in the lettering. See how the dark wax sits in the grooves of the wood.potato box 19 Here is the difference between the antiquing wax (onions box) and the Potatoes box, which has not been given the dark wax treatment:
potato box 21NOTE: Fusion Mineral Paint has a built in top coat, so there is no need to finish with a wax or oil at all. But in this case, I wanted to give an aged appearance, so it is possible to apply a dark wax finish on top of the Fusion paint. This paint dries to a matte finish, but still appears almost like a semi-gloss, so the dark wax actually applies well to the surface.

In this picture (below) a closer look at the antiquing wax finish (left) side by side with the untouched finish (right). You can see the darker shadowy shading on the left box.potato box 23Here it is all finished complete with a new knob on top (available in our online shop).
potato box 25 potato box 26 potato box 27 potato box 28 potato box 29When I showed my original photo on Instagram the other day of the box with the apostrophe left in the words, one follower made me giggle when she said, “Maybe it’s where a single potato and onion live?”

That had me with visions of Mr. Potato Head living in his upstairs apartment and Mr. Onion downstairs, so I couldn’t help but dig out our kids old toys and find the Mr. Potato Head game for these next few shots:potato box 32 potato box 33 potato box 34And here’s my pretty version:potato box 35 potato box 36 potato box 37If you’re wanting to try the Fusion Mineral Paint, I am now stocking my shelves, so head to the Product tab and feast your eyes on all the pretty colours to choose from:potato box 11 potato box 10

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    February 8, 2015 at 4:39 pm

    Atta girl! 😉

  • Reply
    Fiona, Lilyfield Life
    February 10, 2015 at 6:50 am

    Laughing over the apostrophe. So funny. best use of wood putty ever.
    Sharon this paint looks like it has fantastic coverage. I love how you have styled it prettily.
    Fiona x

  • Reply
    May 1, 2015 at 3:48 am

    The white paint looks great on both pieces. Thanks for sharing!

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