How to Rejuvenate Old Wood Using Hemp Oil

A Barrel of Fun!

If you were on my Facebook page recently, you may have watched my Facebook Live video where I took this old barrel and gave it a “revive” using Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil. Rejuvenate old wood.

Not a great pic, but here it is in the side of my latest furniture haul that I mentioned in my last post.Barrel

Before applying the Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil, I sanded it down as there were bits of concrete splashed along the sides.

Here’s where I got up to on the video:

Hemp Oil on an Old Wine BarrelUsing Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil

Posted by I Restore Stuff on Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hemp Oil – Rejuvenate Old Wood

And here it is drinking up that Hemp Oil. I applied it with a brush. You can use a rag or lint free cloth, but my surface was fairly rough so I used an old paint brush. You can see I also applied it to the metal rims giving them a nice coating of protection too.

Barrel-3672Barrel-3675Barrel-3677Barrel-3678Rejuvenate old wood Barrel-3676

One or two days later …

A couple of days later, the hemp oil had pretty much soaked into the wood on the barrel, and so I gave her a little photo shoot in our outdoor courtyard.Barrel-3685I love the beautiful wood grain in this photo with the logo imprint:Barrel-3689 Barrel-3690 Barrel-3704 Barrel-3709Time to kick back and sip some Lime Tea on our new drinks table.Barrel-3718 Barrel-3719

Check out some of my other posts below, where I’ve used Hemp Oil to make a difference PLUS, did you know that you can use Hemp Oil over Milk Paint or Chalk Paint as a finish, OR that you can use Hemp oil as a “resist” between layers of paint! So many great ways of using it.

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Happy Painting!




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