Tiny Stool Makeover – No.139 & Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil

This is the tiniest little stool I think I’ve ever seen! It followed me home for a makeover last week and here’s what I did. The lovely rose tapestry wasn’t my style and was a bit grimy anyway, so I re-covered the seat. Stool No 139 3 I stencilled this on a piece of canvas type fabric I use, which is actually a painter’s drop cloth. They make the greatest grain sack style upholstery, I’ve found. Why “No. 139”? I’ll tell you in a minute…Stool No 139 5 I covered this one right over the tapestry, which I never usually do. This was me being lazy and not wanting to pull out 100 tacks! The fabric sat tight enough, and I added a piece of dacron in between the layers so there’d be no chance of seeing the tapestry through the top fabric if it got wet for any reason. I know – totally unprofessional, but I’m just being honest here – sometimes if I know it will work the easy way – I’ll take the easy way! Stool No 139 4And here it is all finished … Stool No 139 6

When I was doing this, I thought it would have been a great little piece to go with the rocking chair I did HERE.rocker 12Stool No 139 9Stool No 139 8And look at those legs. I gave them a good rub over with Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil. Didn’t they come up beautifully?Stool No 139 7Stool No 139 11Stool No 139 10To re-cap, here’s the before: notice the legs too.

Stool No 139 3

And here’s the “After”:

Stool No 139 9And the No. 139 … is inspired by one of my favourite Psalms in the Bible that talks about how we are intricately, and delicately made by God with a purpose, and that He knows us intimately, knows every thought and desire we have. He created us, so He longs to have a relationship with us. A friend of mine, Kayleen Jensen, has just painted the most beautiful intricate painting which was also inspired by this Psalm. She’s an amazingly talented artist and you can see some of her work on her Facebook page (Kayleen Jensen Fine Arts) or on Instagram (@kajensen_art) Here’s her latest work: 10256235_512457905526392_7650239201429702515_n Speaking of beautiful things, did you see this beautiful posie of “Fleurs” my husband brought home for me this week, “just because I love you”. Feeling loved!    flowers fleurs

Have a great and happy painting! If you are in the Brisbane area and want to book in to a Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint workshop, please email me at sharonhankins3@gmail.com.


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